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The Global Opportunity Network inspires action and fosters collaboration around the sustainability challenges that are facing modern societies.

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Lise Kingo: The Woman who wants to turn the SDG’s into business opportunities

The former Novo Nordisk executive has proved that sustainable business practices can improve a global company’s bottom-line. Now, she will lead the UN Global Compact.
As the seasons turned and Augus … Read More

Spotlight: How will one of the world’s leading companies work with the SDGs?

The world adopts what will become the new global job description this week. The list of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) will impact the way we do policy and business. We’re speaking with … Read More

Sustainable Development Goals: Reconnecting businesses with society

This week the UN adopts what some regard as a wish list of overambitious goals. But the world community needs to be ambitious to spot the opportunities hiding within the Sustainable Development Goals. … Read More

Drip irrigation: An agricultural revolution unfolding

Water for crops, when needed and in the right quantities, is vitally important. However, most poor farmers merely pray for water when rain and floods fail. Drip irrigation constitutes a revolution wai … Read More

Can we drink sea water? Students say yes!

Twelve students help solve the global water crisis. They have during the DNV GL Summer Project conceived a concept which makes a case for wave-powered desalination to help address global water scarcit … Read More

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