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On April 26th the partners behind the Global Opportunity Reports and the Network are launching a new digital platform.

The platform is free and features hundreds of solutions and markets that help reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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Impressions from the 2017 report launch

The Global Opportunity Report 2017 is out and we would like to share some photos from the launch day at DNV GL’s HQ in Oslo. At the same time we would like to extend a big and heartfelt thank yo … Read More

Quick intro to the new report by Project Director Marianne Haahr

On Tuesday January 24, we launched the new Global Opportunity Report at DNV GL’s HQ in Oslo. The 15 new opportunities add to an extensive market space with a focus on reaching global goals. Thre … Read More

Crowd it for Equality

By Marianne Haahr, Project Director at the Global Opportunity Network
After a year of ups and downs, in early 2017, the Global Opportunity Report will provide a more constructive outlook by presenting … Read More

Business will step up for our global climate even if Trump won’t

By Joachim Marc Christensen
The election of self-proclaimed climate change skeptic Donald Trump as the next US president has sparked uncertainty regarding the future of our climate. However, the busin … Read More

Meet Meat 2.0: the future food “farmed” in labs

By Amy Au
Just before World Food Day, Tyson Foods Inc., the largest meat company in the U.S., announced its investment in Beyond Meat, a startup we featured in the Global Opportunity Report 2016 which … Read More

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