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Crowd it for Equality

By Marianne Haahr, Project Director at the Global Opportunity Network
After a year of ups and downs, in early 2017, the Global Opportunity Report will provide a more constructive outlook by presenting … Read More

Business will step up for our global climate even if Trump won’t

By Joachim Marc Christensen
The election of self-proclaimed climate change skeptic Donald Trump as the next US president has sparked uncertainty regarding the future of our climate. However, the busin … Read More

Meet Meat 2.0: the future food “farmed” in labs

By Amy Au
Just before World Food Day, Tyson Foods Inc., the largest meat company in the U.S., announced its investment in Beyond Meat, a startup we featured in the Global Opportunity Report 2016 which … Read More

Take the Global Opportunity Survey

Help us evaluate the final 15 opportunities for the Global Opportunity Report 2017!
The Global Opportunity Survey is a fundamental part of the production of the annual Global Opportunity Reports. This … Read More

Meet Opportunity Leader: Cees de Jong

Before summer, the Global Opportunity Network secretariat sat down with President and CEO of Chr. Hansen, Cees de Jong, for a talk about how he sees their industry develop between now and 2030. It was … Read More

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