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The Global Opportunity Network inspires action and fosters collaboration around the sustainability challenges that are facing modern societies.

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Daunting, exciting times

By Professor Owen Skae, President of the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA), Director of Rhodes Business School & Global Opportunity Panelist in Johannesburg 2015. @Owenskae    … Read More

The Opportunities of Adaptation

By: Asuncion Lera St.Clair, Senior Principal Scientist, Climate Change Programme, DNVGL Strategic Research and Innovation, @asunstclair
A new approach to adaptation
Until recently, calling adaptation … Read More

Smog Cities

By: Anders Vestergaard Jensen, Senior Analyst, Monday Morning Global Institute, Twitter
Breathing is life. It’s automatic – we do it without noticing even when we sleep. It’s not a question … Read More

The risk line-up is out

In 2015, the world is standing at a crossroads. If we continue to follow the current path of unsustainable human activity, we could wake up on a much less hospitable planet in 2050. Unsustainable deve … Read More

“There is always an opportunity” – Interview with youth panelist Kristine Bjartnes

Youth Opportunity Panel participant Kristine Bjartnes studies political science at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology. She is also the president the International Student Festival in … Read More

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