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The Global Opportunity Network inspires action and fosters collaboration around the sustainability challenges that are facing modern societies.

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Interview with Oslo panelist Cilia Holmes Indahl

Interview with Oslo panelists Cilia Holmes Indahl. Cilia participated in the Global Opportunity Panel in Oslo on 5th June 2015 and works as advisor on climate change and sustainability services for KP … Read More

London panel: Driving change from below

The Opportunity Panel on Tuesday 9th 2015 in London identified opportunities focusing on decentralization of power and bottom-up initiatives to drive change.
The decentralized economy is emerging wh … Read More

Oslo Panel: “Opportuneurs” with business acumen

The room was buzzing with ideas, when inspiring “opportuneurs” met in Oslo on June 5th. The Opportunity Panel Oslo was about to turn global risks into opportunities. The participants were eager to … Read More

Going back to the roots in San Francisco

The concept of innovation creates mental images of bright new ideas. They transform how we do things. California is the place of new ideas. All other countries wish they had their own Silicon Valley. … Read More

Reports in reprint

Since the launch of the Global Opportunity Report 2015 first edition on 20th January, the report has been presented at numerous conferences and seminars globally. Over 4,000 hard-copies have been eag … Read More

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