A GPS system directing you to opportunities

“The greatest risk we are facing is not seeing the opportunities in the transition to a safe and sustainable future”
– Bjørn Kj. Haugland, Chief Sustainability Officer, DNV GL

“Businesses are responding to the global context, moving beyond their basic responsibilities and going further into a strategic opportunity space. More and more companies are seeing global challenges as opportunities”
– Georg Kell, Former Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact

“The destination is sustainability, the engine is collaborative action, the ignition is focusing on opportunities”
– Erik Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of Monday Morning

In every risk there is opportunity…

… but spotting them is hard. Leaders from all parts of society, including business, politics, academia, and civil society have one common task: Building resilient and sustainable societies. And they all need the same tool: The mindset to spot the opportunities for sustainability and prosperity in an ever changing and turbulent environment.

The Global Opportunity Network is here to shape that mindset and accomplish our common task. With the annual Global Opportunity Report, we present a global guide to opportunities for building a safe and sustainable future. The first edition was published on January 20th 2015 as the first step towards developing a complete GPS system for global change makers, enabling them to move quickly and safely in a complex, fragile and uncertain environment.

With each new edition of the report we expand the scope and deepen our understanding of future risks and opportunities. Concurrently, we are further developing the Global Opportunity Network, bringing together change makers from different sectors and regions to share experiences, insights and outlooks. This makes the Global Opportunity Network a unique forum for expanding the horizon of your organization, enabling it to navigate safely in an ever changing environment.

The Global Opportunity Reports

So far, three editions have been published: the Global Opportunity Report 2015, the Global Opportunity Report 2016 and the Global Opportunity Report 2017. More than 16,000 business leaders from all parts of the world have taken part in co-creating each edition of the Global Opportunity Report. Together, they have shown how 15 major global risks can be turned into 45 opportunities for economic, social and environmental prosperity. These 15 risks are: Lack of Fresh Water, Unsustainable Urbanization, Continued Lock-in to Fossil Fuels, Chronic Diseases, Extreme Weather, Loss of Ocean Biodiversity, Resistance to Life-saving Medicine, Accelerating Transport Emissions, Youth Unemployment, Global Food Crisis, Unstable Regions, Soil Depletion, Rising Inequality, Cities Disrupted by Climate Change & Cyber Threats.

In addition to mapping a wide range of opportunities, The Global Opportunity Report provides an updated insight into the key drivers of a new solution economy. The report addresses questions, such as:

• What countries and sectors seem to have the most innovative mindsets – and who lags behind?

• How do different business sectors prioritize opportunities?

• What demographics have the greatest confidence in our opportunities for a safe and sustainable future?

Each year’s Global Opportunity Report is the result of an international endeavor, created on the basis of workshops held across the globe. A global survey of professionals and influential thinkers measures the attractiveness of key opportunities to the people who shape decisions in different regions and sectors. In all, the report constitutes a significant contribution to the dialogue on how we address the sustainability challenges ahead.

An open innovation platform

The methodology behind the Global Opportunity Report is the Opportunity Mindset. As the name implies, this is a newly developed approach to identifying and developing new sustainable market

The Opportunity Mindset is an open innovation process involving multiple stakeholders. It creates value by collecting insights, shaping the direction businesses can take to capitalize on opportunities, and expanding and activating organizations’ networks of stakeholders. The methodology can be scaled to organizations or institutions of any size, from a large company to a country or even – as demonstrated in the Global Opportunity Report – the entire world.

A network of change makers

The Global Opportunity Network expands on the work of the Global Opportunity Report. The participants of the global workshops form the core of the network, but it is inclusive and welcomes all contributions.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or ideas. Please find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

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