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People, not reports, change the world. This is why we in parallel with the development of each edition of the Global Opportunity Report also expand the Global Opportunity Network – a network of organizations and individuals that demonstrate the great ability to see opportunities where others see only risks.

The Global Opportunity Network springs from the annual Global Opportunity Panels; eight workshops on five continents playing a leading part in the identification and description of opportunities for the annual Global Opportunity Report. However, we also wish to include other individuals and organizations that share the basic values and goal of the project and will help us spread the focus on opportunities as a new strategic lens for organizations, companies, and governments.

Individual network members will be first in line for invitations to the opportunity panels. They will also be invited to benefit from and contribute to the sharing of ideas and initiatives online. They will be first to rate the opportunities to help us determine how attractive they are for stakeholders in different regions.

Organizations that are members of the Global Opportunity Network can be invited to be strategic partners. Strategic partners play an important part in expanding the reach of the network, but also as trusted advisors with a seat in the advisory board of the project. Both individual and organisation membership is non-financial.

As the network grows, we will develop our activities in dialogue with members. As part of the network, you will also receive the Global Opportunity Report in electronic form as soon as it is published.

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If you wish to receive an invitation to the network, please contact us using the e-mail address below.

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