DNV GL and Monday Morning search for global opportunities

Today, DNV GL and Monday Morning Global Institute entered a new partnership on exploring the opportunities in a sustainable future.

The partners will over the coming three years search for, describe and validate areas of investment for societies and businesses that has potential to create action and collaboration on a more sustainable future. Each year the partners will launch the “Global Opportunity Report” that will present a range of these opportunities. The first report is set to be presented 27 January 2015 in Zürich, Switzerland.

The search for opportunities will be inspired by eight workshop, called opportunity panels, conducted globally, and the identified opportunities will be tested in a survey measuring how attractive they are to stakeholders globally.

“We wish to identify opportunities that are not only sustainable in theory, but also inspire the confidence that is needed for investors and other stakeholders to engage. Our aim is ultimately to create more collaboration and action to create a safe and sustainable future, and the opportunities are the starting blocks for this race to sustainability,” says Bjørn Kj. Haugland, Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL.

Connecting the dots

The project partners have worked together on promoting the sustainability agenda since 2009 most notably through the innovation platform Sustainia. The added focus on opportunities is a natural progression reflecting how the broader sustainability debate is evolving, says Erik Rasmussen, founder and CEO of Monday Morning Global Institute:

“With Sustainia we spearheaded the focus on solutions for a more sustainable future. Solutions is now very much on everybody’s lips, but the initiatives are scattered, so we need a focal point. The Global Opportunity Report will add a systemic perspective, connecting the dots and providing the context in which we can see the role for the individual solutions,” says Erik Rasmussen.

Global Opportunity Network

The focus of the first years project will be the development of the report, but in the following years the work will be expanded to include building a network of organisations and individuals that share the ambitions of the project. This Global Opportunity Network will be a catalyst for the collaboration on sustainable development that the partners wish to inspire.

“The project is collaborative in its core. We engage with stakeholders and visionaries globally when identifying opportunities, and the natural next step is to engage them in a wider collaboration,” says Project Director Morten Jastrup.

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