Eight cities to host opportunity panels

The selection of which cities are to host this years Opportunity Panels have been made. In eight cities on five continents, visionaries will gather from late August to early September to inspire the Global Opportunity Report

Panels will convene in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, Oslo, San Francisco and São Paulo. Each of them will consist of 25-30 creative, innovative, and solution oriented leaders from Business, Academia, Civil Society/NGOs and youth organisations.

The panels play a vital part of the process by securing global input for the analysis in the Global Opportunity Report, explains project Director Morten Jastrup from Monday Morning Global Institute.

“One of the key points of this work is that we want to acknowledge that sustainability challenges look differently from different vantage points. The challenges, and ultimately the opportunities that comes from tackling them, will be seen in a different light in each of our panels. We want this diversity to be an integral part if the analysis to make a product that we can truly call global,” he says.

Each panel is a half day workshop. The panelists will also be invited to join the Global Opportunity Network and to take part in the global survey that will – at a later stage in the process – test how attractive the proposed opportunities are to stakeholders globally.

“The purpose of building the network and doing the report is ultimately to push for collaborative action towards a more sustainable future. We believe that in order for that transition to be as orderly as possible, we need to be much better at creating solutions together. What we want to do with the report is to identify the starting points for these collaborations. That is what we call opportunities: areas of investment that are not only sound on the triple bottom line, but also has the inspirational power to gather a strong group of stakeholders behind them. This is why we need the global input for the analysis from the panels,” says Morten Jastrup.

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