Erik Rasmussen honoured with prestigious award

Erik Rasmussen, Founder & CEO of Monday Morning, is the recipient of this year’s Publicist Award.

Erik Rasmussen was selected as this year’s winner because “he has been an inspirational leader, to whom a generation of journalists owe thanks” explains the award jury.

The award jury elaborates: “Through his publicist work, Erik Rasmussen, has delivered a big, significant and versatile performance. As an entrepreneur, innovator, leader and owner he has continuously produced a high quality body of work and ideas, which have benefitted the Danish publicist system.

Over many years, climate change, green growth and climate adaptation has been one of Mr. Rasmussen’s and Monday Morning’s primary focal points. He has initiated a number of international projects in the pursuit of creating a better future for our planet. Among others, he is the founder of Sustainia and one of the founding partners behind the Global Opportunity Network.

He has previously been elected one of the world’s 100 most influential journalists by World Economic Forum and has been a member of the International Media Council. Through his many years as the head of various media houses, Erik Rasmussen has exerted great influence on business, politics, and the public debate in Denmark, as well as internationally. An impressive number of prominent business leaders, politicians, and experts have, in recent decades, been engaged in one or more of his many networks, innovation projects, and so forth, which Erik Rasmussen has established in striving to challenge society’s leaders to rethink and change.

The Publicist Award is an annual award given by the Danish Publicist Club.

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