Strong expert group assembled

The Global Opportunity Report’s expert group holds three research directors, five program heads and two IPCC lead authors.

The expert group serves a vital role in advising the GOR secretariat and the steering committee on selection of risks and opportunities and on reviewing material for the final report. The group is composed of leading employees from DNV GL’s extensive research activities and can be supplemented with external experts as needed. The group also includes two lead authors of the fifth assesment report from the IPCC, Asun St. Clair and Cecilie Mauritzen, the latter also being the chair of the group.

“We are very happy to have the backing of such a strong group of experts. It is vital that the analysis behind the report is strong and done with rigour. With this group we have the best thinkable base for that,” says Morten Jastrup, Project Director for the Global Opportunity network.

The members of the expert group are:

  • Cecilie Mauritzen (Chair), Research Program Director, Low Carbon Future
  • Anne Louise Koefoed, Member of SR&I program Low Carbon Future
  • Asun St. Clair, Member of SR&I program Low Carbon Future
  • Bente Pretlove, Head of SF&I program Climate Change Adaptation
  • Frank Børre Pedersen, Head of SR&I program Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Henning Kristoffersen, Principal Consultant
  • Jørg Espen Aarnes, Head of SR&I Foresight Activity
  • Mette Vågnes Eriksen, Global Head of Sustainability Risk Management Services
  • Morten Pytte, Director of Healthcare Research and Innovation
  • Rune Torhaug, Director Strategic Research & Innovation
  • Theo Bosman, Head of SR&I program Power

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