Global Opportunity Panel: Beijing, 15 June, 2015

The Global Opportunity Panel in Beijing on June 15th 2015 gathered 27 innovative and creative people for a fast-paced 4-hour workshop.

The starting point for the discussion was five specific global risks:

These risk represent a pressure on societies to start wide ranging changes in many areas from the way we transport ourselves to the diets we eat. The panel provided insights and inspiration on how we can design these changes wisely creating opportunities for long term benefits for society and business both.

The material produced at the workshop is part of the basis of the Global Opportunity Report 2016.

The panel took place June 15, 2015, from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm at Kerry Hotel, Beijing. (Google map)

The Beijing Panel participants

The participants are selected on the basis of their background, their work with sustainability, and other relevant areas. They are mixed across the public, private, and non-governmental sector, as this is the way we believe we create synergy and sustainable solutions.

Name Position Organisation
Guo Sharon Director, Government & Public Affairs, China DNV GL
Lu Yuebing Vice Chairman China Funds of Siguler Guff & Company
Zhang Shuxin Founder Esquires Coffee in China
Zhu Mars Director of Business Development Strategy & Project Novozymes Biotechnology Ltd.
Lin JiShang Senior Advisor Novozymes Biotechnology Ltd.
Wu James Business Development Manager, Cross BAs, RGC DNV GL
Lin Kang Business Development Manager Dong Energy
Kristoffersen Henning Director, Government & Public Affairs, APEC DNV GL
Zhao Yang (Mr.) Foreign Economic Cooperation Officer Ministry of Environmental Protection, PRC
Li Dongning Anchor CCTV English Channel
Gregory Yingnien Tsang “Tobacco Control Specialist” and Current Affairs Commentator for the English program CCTV News and China Radio International (CRI)
Wolf Kantelhardt Financial Advisor MISEREOR Foundation
Yu Kelly (Xiaowen) Special Adviser International Institute for Sustainable Development
Zhao Anna (Xi) China Business Advisor, Sector Healthcare & Life Sciences China-Britain Business Council
Zhang Xubiao Project Manager The United Nations International Labour Organization Beijing Bureau, China’s Textile Enterprise Society Responsibility Projects
Gw Qian Assistant Manager Nestlé
Guo Peiyuan General Manager SynTao Co.Ltd.-Sustainability Solutions
Frederic Speidel Social counsellor. Labour and Social Affairs Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Kristin Iglum Minister Counsellor/DHoM Norwegian Embassy in Beijing
Liu Gangfang Professor, Law School University of International Business and Economics
Hou Shengtian Director of Marketing & Strategic Management Division; Editor-in-Chief School of Management, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; Journal of International Business Ethics
Zhao Joan Director, International Accreditation & Quality Assurance Office Donlinks School of Economics and Management, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Li Xiaosong Researcher Center for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business and Economics
Li Tsingan Professor Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University
Gao Huan Office & Project Director Center for International Business Ethics, University of International Business & Economics
Liu Debing Chairman of the Board China General Consulting & Investment Co., Ltd.
Liu Baocheng Director Center for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business and Economics

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