Global Opportunity Panel: London, 9 June, 2015

The Global Opportunity Panel in London on June 9th 2015 gathered 29 innovative and creative people for a fast-paced 4-hour workshop.

The starting point for the discussion was five specific global risks:

These risk represent a pressure on societies to start wide ranging changes in many areas from the way we transport ourselves to the diets we eat. The panel provided insights and inspiration on how we can design these changes wisely creating opportunities for long term benefits for society and business both.

The material produced at the workshop is part of the basis of the Global Opportunity Report 2016.

The panel took place June 9, 2015, from 9.30 am – 1.30 pm at London Marriott County Hall Hotel. (Google map)

The London Panel participants

The participants are selected on the basis of their background, their work with sustainability, and other relevant areas. They are mixed across the public, private, and non-governmental sector, as this is the way we believe we create synergy and sustainable solutions.

Name Position Organisation
Ben Davies-Nash Technical Sales Manager AMERESCO Ltd
Anne Euler Principal Consultant DNVGL
Chris Urwin Associate Director DNVGL
Mark Line Senior Principal Consultant DNVGL
Michael Traut Shipping, Aviation & Climate Change Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
University of Manchester
Sebastian Farquhar Director Global Priorities Project
James Alexander Director, Finance and Economic Development Initiative C40
Jan Klawitter Group Government Relations Manager Anglo American
John Morrison Executive Director Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB)
Yasmin Crowther Senior corporate responsibility and sustainability expert Polecat
Judy Kuszewski Senior corporate responsibility and sustainability expert Shine
Anne Gadegaard Director Global TBL Management Novo Nordisk
Aidan Davy Deputy President ICMM
Hilary Parsons Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Nestle
Marsha Ali SER Program Manager Oracle
Nick Mabey Founder and director E3G
Christian Busch Associate director LSE Innovation Hub, Globalshapers LSE
Jim McClelland Editor Sustmeme Magazine
John Rowan Director Centre for Environmental Change & Human Resilience
Simon Birkett Founder and director Clean Air London
Kim Tan Dr. SpringHill Management
Pano Kroko Chairman Environmental Parliament
Alan McGill Sustainability & Climate Change PricewaterhouseCoopers
Hugh Parnell Ex Director NWBrown Ltd, Richmond House
Gareth Hughes Managing Partner Beetle Capital Partners
Prof. Douglas Crawford Brown Professor and Director University of Cambridge
Saghar Khodabakhsh Associate White & Case
Nick Murry Chief Sustainability Officer Ecodesk
Martin W. Mizera General Manager Bioleux Polska sp. z o.o./Unicorn Power Ltd.

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