Interview with Amalie Holt, participant at the NTNU Youth Opportunity Panel

Amalie Holt participated in the Youth Opportunity panel organized by DNVGL at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on May 11, 2015. Amalie will be a petroleum engineer in a few years.

Amalie, how did you experience the Youth Opportunity Panel? Did the focus of this special Opportunity Panel – “Accelerating transport emissions” – relate to your studies?

Yes absolutely! I am studying petroleum engineering because I want to work with the environment. I think it is important that people from the petroleum industry want to be a part of the change that we need to focus on in the upcoming years. Especially in Norway, where the petroleum industry is the most important database of knowledge. So for me, it is a great opportunity to get the acknowledgement that it is possible to study petroleum engineering but still be a part of the change.

I think you are talking about the opportunity mindset. How would you describe the opportunity mindset in your own words?

That is a hard question. I will try to answer form another angle. The Opportunity Report, I think it is really great. Especially the way students have been included in this panel, is really great. Many engineers, especially during their studies, they do not see that there are many opportunities in the problems we work with every day. Trying to influence the student’s mindset, I think that is of great value for all the students that participated yesterday. Talking to the other students going home from this workshop yesterday, everybody was mind blown and I think we all realized that we really have the knowledge to impact the world. I think that is the mindset that you get from a day like yesterday.

If you had to give two messages about the day or the mindset to your fellow students, what would that be?

It would be that – especially if it is going out to engineering students and people in sciences – they have to acknowledge that they are the ones in the society that have the competence to create the new solutions and that they have to use their knowledge wisely.

What was your favorite opportunity that developed during the day?

I think all of us were talking about the same things, really, just different aspects. And we had a voting session in the end of the day where we voted for the best opportunity. My group came out as the group with the most votes. Our opportunity was transparency. We want a more transparent society, where people are more open about the production of products. Every product should for example have a CO2 stamp. In the future, it is clear that transparency should lead up to a better cooperation between companies. And that was my favourite opportunity.

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