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Why we need a new approach to global challenges

By Erik Rasmussen, Founder and CEO, MMGI

It is part of our DNA: Avoid any risks. Be forward looking, spot the risks ahead, steer clear of disruptive challenges, play it safe. That makes you a good manager.

But the challenges we face today demand more than that. Risks are not just something to be avoided. On the contrary, I will argue that you should start searching for – not taking, mind you – more risks, because engaging risks will lead you to new market opportunities. The difference between a risk and an opportunity is how soon you discover it.

This is why we have developed the Global Opportunity Report & Network. It represents a new mindset in terms of handling global challenges. Complex and interconnected global risks are the new normal. Regardless of what you do, you will always meet them.  It is just a matter of how: do you meet them with a reactive response – damage control – or proactively, viewing them as a gateway to new markets.

The partners behind the project – DNV GL, The Scandinavian think tank Monday Morning Global Institute, and UN Global Compact – have all within their different lines of businesses worked with risks and opportunities, but felt the need for structuring and combining their knowledge and experiences in a new way. That led to the first edition of the Global Opportunity Report 2015. The response was very positive and the decision for continuing the global mapping of new opportunities has been easy to make.  Thousands of business leaders and other experts from all parts of the world have been involved, and a new mindset is evolving around these efforts. They have one thing in common: The need for a new systemic approach to complex challenges. These days, international leaders are taking the first steps in forming the 2016 edition. This happens in the opportunity panels convened in eight cities on five continents. You can follow the work on our twitter profile and in our blogs.

We are also at this time introducing the Global Opportunity newsletter. This will be a monthly updated guide to new opportunities. Every month, we will present our latest findings and insights and introduce bloggers with convincing experience and knowledge about turning risks into opportunities.

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