On this page you can find insights into where respondents in different regions look for opportunities to help navigate in a world of opportunities. The findings are based two complementary enquiries, a series of workshops in eight commercial hubs on five continents, gathering more than 200 experts and professionals, and a survey of more than 5,500 private and public sector leaders.

World Map - Regions

We operate with nine geographically regions. Some regions are groups of several countries; other regions are single countries with very large populations (click to read about findings for each of the regions):

Survey respondents were identified as working within a specific sector of the economy. In this report we operate with five sectors: Finance, Manufacturing, Service, Governmental, and Other Businesses. Respondents were also asked to indicate how strongly they believe representatives of different stakeholder groups in society will advocate for each of the opportunities. The four stakeholder groups in the survey are: Business, Finance, Politics, and Civil Society.

Most pressing risks

There are some difference in how the regions have perceived the presented risks to be most pressing. However, as seen in the figure the risk of ‘A Generation Wasted‘ is perceived to be the most pressing risk out of the five risks in this report. It is only in China where this is not the most pressing risk, as ‘Accelerating Transport Emissions‘ have been chosen by more respondents in this region.

Particular in the MENA and Sub Saharan Africa regions the risk of ‘A Generation Wasted’ is perceived to be very pressing as respectively 55% and 74% of all respondents in these two regions have chosen this risk to be the most pressing.

Risk - regional most pressing

Ranking of opportunities

Three of the nine regions have the same opportunity ranked as their favourite – Smart Farming. North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and India all favours this opportunity. For South America and Other Asia it is the The Digital Labour Market, which are ranked as the best opportunity. Also Europe and South Asia & Australia favours opportunities to address the risk of a generation wasted – with Closing the Skills Gap for Europe and Futurepreneurs for South Asia & Australia.

The respondents in China have favoured the Smart Ocean opportunity – which globally is not seen high on the opportunity ranking list (actual it is only ranked as the 14th best opportunity).

Opportunity ranking - Regional

How regions have ranked the opportunities

Responses across regions show distinct differences. Responses from China, India, and South East Asia & Australia are markedly more positive than responses from MENA and Europe. The European respondents report less confidence in their most favourably rated opportunity – Closing the Skills Gap – than Chinese respondents do in their least favourably opportunity – Precision Treatment. 

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