Findings from 5,500 business leaders from around the globe

The attractiveness of the 15 opportunities was subsequently measured in a global survey involving 5,500 private and public sector leaders from across the globe. We asked respondents how important a particular opportunity is for their country. This included evaluating its benefit for society and the capabilities their countries have to pursue the opportunity. The responses to these questions form the basis of the general ranking of opportunities.
Respondents were also asked to evaluate the value of the opportunities for business by considering two questions. First, respondents were asked to consider the overall expected effect on their own business; second, they were asked how likely their own business is to develop new ventures related to the opportunity. Each of the opportunities is presented together with information on how respondents have measured its attractiveness for society and business.

Explore the Global Opportunity survey data

Throughout the Global Opportunity Report we present insights from the global survey. Below is the ranking of this year´s 15 opportunities based on their impact to society and the current capacity to pursue them.

One of the cornerstones in the Global Opportunity Report project is co-creation. We have co-created the opportunities with insights from people from all over the world in an open process. However, we don’t stop here – we would like to invite you to further investigate the data from the global survey and then hopefully gain new insights in how these opportunities can flourish around the world in different geographic regions and business sectors. Therefore we invite you to dive into the data and explore it. Below you will find to links to where you interactively can explore the data. Please do share with us and the rest of the world what new insights you may come around.

  • Geographic regions – See how respondents in different regions have assessed the 15 opportunities and find out where different opportunities have the best conditions for making a difference

  • Business sectors – See which business sectors are most positive towards the opportunities and which ones are most likely to pursue them

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