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Since the launch of the Global Opportunity Report 2015 first edition on 20th January, the report has been presented at numerous conferences and seminars globally. Over 4,000 hard-copies have been eagerly received and thousands of downloads have added to the distribution. Due to popular demand, we have printed another 5,000 hard-copies. “It’s so encouraging to see the widespread interest in the Global Opportunity Report” says Bjorn K. Haugland, Chief Sustainability Office at DNV GL. “With this report, the partners aim to demonstrate how global sustainability challenges and risks can be seen as opportunities. The work provides an open innovation platform where stakeholders worldwide can explore and capture sustainability opportunities and solutions across risk domains and regions. To this end, we have presented the report at conferences and events around the globe, including the recent Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, to create more awareness about the report and its aims. The feedback has been most positive and rewarding as we are getting more insight from our growing global opportunity network.”

“We are really excited about the reception of the report so far,” says Project Director Marianne Haahr, “the report has created quite a buzz where ever we have presented it, and the engaging debate in social media channels on how to best address the selected five global risks in the 2015 report reflects the increasing interest in this initiative.”

In parallel with the formal presentations, the report has served as the backbone of Youth Opportunity Panels, working on defining their own ideas and proposals for how the risks should be addressed.

“I learned the value of trying to find opportunities rather than to focus on the negatives. Indeed, there is always an opportunity if we look for it. We are talking about heavy stuff here, but still we were able to come up with opportunities. That was an interesting aspect to learn,” says Youth Opportunity Panel participant Kristine Bjartnes, She studies political science at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology and is also the president the International Student Festival in Trondheim, ISFIT, where the Global Opportunity Report was recently presented.

The 2015 report will be rolled out globally throughout this year. At the same time, work on the 2016 edition is already underway. Once again the partners behind the report will arrange for around 250 sustainability experts to gather in ‘Opportunity Panels’ on five continents to identify opportunities for sustainable responses to a set of five global risks. The first of eight panels will be held in san Francisco on29 May, followed by panels in San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, London, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Delhi, and Oslo.

This year five new risks will be investigated:

“The report is a unique platform for mobilization of opportunity leaders worldwide. The opportunities in the report demonstrate that bubbles of sustainable economy already exist; now we just need to make them grow. The community of opportunity leaders emerging around the opportunity mind-set are the change-makers who will scale up the sustainable ideas and opportunities,” says Marianne Haahr.

The work can be followed on this website and on twitter.


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