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The Global Opportunity Survey is a fundamental part of the production of the annual Global Opportunity Reports. This is where leaders from across the globe and from across sectors assess this year’s 15 opportunities based on how important they view a particular opportunity to be. This includes evaluating its benefit for society and the capabilities their countries have to pursue the opportunity. The responses to these questions form the basis of the general ranking of opportunities.

Respondents are also asked to evaluate the value of the opportunities for business by considering three questions. First, respondents are asked to consider the overall expected effect on their own business; second, they are asked how likely their own business is to develop new ventures related to the opportunity. Finally, respondents are asked to evaluate how likely different stakeholder groups in their country are to support the pursuit of the opportunity.

We hope that you will take 10 minutes out of your day to take this survey. You will be presented with three randomly selected opportunities from within this year’s 15 opportunities, and asked a few questions related to each of these.

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